Areas of research

Description of initial activities – Areas of research

The initial stage will be aimed at addressing the key issues to be later on elaborated on in the course of the project, particularly the syllabus and course book.

In order to decide on the content and  substance of the course the partners intend to establish the following:

  • Introduction,
  • Historical Context,
  • Concepts and Definitions.

Sustainable Development Challenges are attributed to particular areas, which are:

  • Enviromental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability
  • Societal sustainability

Apparently, particular Sustainable Development Challenges (or root-cause of the issues) need not to be unequivocally matched with particular areas. However, just for the sake of methodology, possibly clear and balanced structure of the topics will be aimed at.

The issue of sustainability is given different approaches as for the kind of relationship between the areas of analyses, such as the ones below:

Fig.1 Fig.2
Fig.3 Fig.4

In the project partners’ opinion the model presented in Fig.3 seems to be the most adequate as well as applicable for the methodology. This means, at the stage of syllabus development, the individual Sustainable Development Challenges will need to be matched to one of the three main areas.

As a result, in individual chapters of the course book structured in exactly the same way, a uniform system of references will be established and used (in form and content) to other areas.

Alternatively, Sustainable Development Goals , instead of Sustainable Development Challenges  could be used for the framework of the syllabus, such as the UN Goals:

Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 by the United Nations

However, such structure could cause more problems than the Sustainable Development Challenges oriented. This is because to address each Sustainable Development Goal different Sustainable Development Challenges, that can apply to different Areas would need to be discussed and dealt with.

However, when applying the structure based on Sustainable Development Challenges, this uniform system of defining the goal to be achieved by reducing/ minimising specific threats could be used as well (also at the stage of course book writing).

The proposed issues were entered in the table to be discussed and elaborated on. This way a draft illustrating  suggested Sustainable Development Challenges matched to specific areas was made and entered in the table with declared willingness to participate in addressing specific areas and priorities by each partner.