Activities  to  be covered  in  the project include:

Areas of research specified, detailed points to cover listed,

Syllabus specifying details of syllabus, methods of teaching,  assignments/projects, ECTS, testing and verification of teaching results, procedures

Course book including chapters written by partners based on the syllabus and following the agreed structure,  about 300 pages altogether

Workshops concepts, teaching materials prepared by each partner to run workshops with students, school children,  including presentation of cases to be discussed (sustainability challenges), expected result- ideas of students, pupils for gamification collected to be used as foundation for the subsequent case studies

Case studies prepared for discussion/ elaboration based on ideas collected during workshops

Platform for materials ready to be downloaded at  e-learning platform, including case studies, gamification concepts

Documents to collaborate

Here find the space to upload your chapters and presentations:


Content of the chapters


Reviewer Report

Gamification presentations


Sharable drive for all types of outputs

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