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Workshops, Case Studies, and Gamification Projects.


The University of Economics in Katowice

SUSTAINABILITY QUIZ (by Tomasz Zieliński)  is a simple application for creating any thematic tests. The program was written in VBA in the MS Excel environment. The user has full freedom to independently modify and extend the functionality of the program. VBA code is fully accessible and editable.


  • Projects prepared by students under the supervision of Dr Anna Urbanek.

Project by: Paulina Balwierz, Ewa Głębicka and Mateusz Kurczyna

Project by: Sabina Modlich, Krzysztof Mrozek, Adrianna Sosnik, Aleksandra Szmolke


  • Some games scenarios, provided by Marcin Pałys. Still very introductory and in polish. Soon will be extended and some could be evolved in a real game.

Games scenarios

Student-inspired Gamification ideas:

Projects prepared by students under the supervision of Dr Ewa Wójcik

Bus Profit and case studies
Saving, Education
Selected SDGs Project
Simulator – Town Development

Projects prepared by students under the supervision of Mgr Marcin Pałys (List of Scenarios)

Projects prepared by students under the supervision of Mgr Marcin Pałys

Project prepared by Dr Anna Urbanek.


Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

Projects prepared under the supervision of Jovita Lesciuviene

Projects prepared by prof. dr Tadas Gudaitis


University of Florence

Video presentations under supervision of Dr Ilaria Colivicchi

EOS Project “Young people versus sustainable development 2021”


RRiF Zagreb

The set of questions prepared for the final quiz platform based on the handbook “Economics of Sustainability”

The gamification workshops scenarios

Students workshops

In my company presentation

In my company workshop photo gallery

Stakeholder dialogue workshop photo gallery

The University of Maribor

Case Studies

Multiple Choice Tests



Integrated Business Faculty – Skopje

Gamification Workshop “Business Plan Competition”